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Stirling Butchery

Stirling Butchery

Buy >2kg of beef, enjoy 30%wholesale discount


At Stirling Butchery, you can buy the ENTIRE COW. These cuts range from Ribeye, Sirloin, and Tenderloin.

In addition, we sell chicken, pork, duck, lamb and seafood.

Customers can purchase high-quality meats at StirlingButchery, located within Stirling Steaks SG at 115 East Coast Road.
Stirling Butchery

Stirling Butchery

Stirling Buffet

Black Angus Steak Buffet

Restaurant Reservation

Reservations will held for a maximum of 10 minutes from the reservation time

For reservation booking: Email us at [email protected] or call/whatsapp us at 89404245

Alternatively, you can fill out the reservation form.


Stirling Steaks


Eat the ENTIRE COW at Stirling Steaks!

Stirling Steaks is a Singapore steakhouse established since 2014.

You can eat the ENTIRE COW at Stirling Steaks. We serve 10 types of steak cuts, one of the most in any steakhouse. These include tomahawk, ribeye, sirloin, T-bone, rump, flank and other steak cuts.

Our steaks have a smoky flavoured aroma as we slow grill our steaks over traditional CHARCOAL. Traditional charcoal-grill ensure meat juices are retained better, giving customers a satisfying gastronomical experience.

The delicious steaks are served with the popular “Stirling Sauce”, home-made from fresh herbs, and slow brewed over a long period of time.

Our menu prices are reasonable, ranging from the $9.9 value steak meal to the highly popular Wagyu Flight, Tomahawk and Steak Buffet. We offer a selection of other meats, salads, and sides, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The restaurant is named after “Stirling Road”, Queenstown, where the founder Mr Chan grew up.  Mr Chan set up Stirling Steaks to share his craving for good quality steaks with friends.

Our main outlet is located at 115 East Coast Road.

We also operate the kitchen at the following outlets:

  1. #WLJK (at 78 Horne Road)
  2. Alchemy Bistro (at 3 Magazine Road)

We have 2 overseas Vietnam outlets:

  1. 166 Hào Nam, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
  2. 349 Phan Xích Long, P2, Phú Nhuận, HCM


Main Outlet @ 115 East Coast Road
Monday to Sunday: 12pm to 300 pm; 6pm to 10pm
78 Horne Road (collaboration with #WLJK)
Monday to Sunday: 6pm to 1030pm